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Nuclear Experiment Group at OSU

Current and Former Students

Isabel Xu is now an undergraduate student at CalTech University. She worked with me over two summers as a highschool student through Brookhaven National Laboratory's summer research program. Together we developed a new approach to search for heavy Dark Photons using ultra-peripheral heavy-ion collisions.

Zhen Wang is a PhD student at Sandong University, studying dilepton production as a 'thermometer' of systems produced in ultra-relativisitic heavy-ion collisions

Xiaofeng Wang is a PhD student at Sandong University, studying the energy dependence of the Breit-Weeler process. See her recent paper here: Energy Dependence of the Breit-Wheeler process in Heavy-Ion Collisions and its Application to Nuclear Charge Radius Measurements.

Youqi Song is a PhD student at Yale University. She has worked with me on STAR's forward rapidity upgrade, studying machine learning algorithms for optimizing charged particle tracking. See her talk at DNP here: Optimization of STAR sTGC track finding using boosted decision trees