I finally bought a domain. I am primarily motivated by my need/desire to free myself from my dependence on gmail. But that will take some time. For now, I wanted to move my static hugo powered site from my jdbburg.now.sh to a real domain.

I purchased jdbburg.com for $12/year which is not bad.

I have been happy with vercel (previously now.sh) but I have used DigitalOcean for a long time and wanted to try out their new Apps platform. I also thought it might make things easier since I plan to host some other projects on sub-domains using digitalocean droplets.

I like the vercel platform because they provide serverless functions as part of your static site. Digitalocean provides “components” which seem more flexible (can be database or public/private workers) but not as simple/low cost.

The best feature of all these platforms is the continuous deployment features integrated with github/gitlab.